Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas


unique valentines day gift ideas

My favorite holiday is around the corner! (Christmas doesn’t count because that’s everyone’s favorite.) I love creating a gift guide for Valentine’s Day because people are constantly asking me for ideas. (I may or may not be called the Valentine’s Day fairy. ) Below are my gift ideas for him and her! Hope this inspires you and get your Valentine’s Day creative juices flowing.

Gift him a nice workout top that he probably would never buy himself.

Shower gel that doesn’t smell feminine. (I got Luke this one last year and he still hasn’t run out of it. He secretly LOVES it.)

A water bottle that is sleek and will keep his water cold all day long.


East and West Coasters. These come in all the coasts so you can get him the coast he’s from, or if you two are from two separate coasts, like me and Luke, you can get both and make people choose when they come over!

A manly candle he never knew he wanted! I get Luke a candle every Valentine’s Day and now he’s become a candle lover.


Wood Block with Photo Prints : Printed pictures seem to be a luxury lately with all the digital ways to share them, but there really is nothing like a little piece of your moment always on your desk or in your home. (Picture in collage above)

Spoil her with a fancy candle. She will LOVE IT. Definitely something she may not want to spend on herself.

She works hard all day so she deserves a little “me time”, which make these salts perfect for a bubble bath.

Spoil her with a Rose Gold Watch she can wear every day.

Fancy hand cream that smells delicious, and she can keep in her purse.

I am personally on the hunt for a simple pinky ring or something I can stack with my other gold rings to wear every day. This set brings two and has a great price point!

Brass Easel with Photo Prints : A fancier version of the one I put in the Men’s Gift Guide above. A brass easel with 12 of your favorite pictures printed.

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