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5 Things to Read This Weekend

Happy Friday! Here are a few short articles that I read and loved this week. Take 5 and enjoy!

Images: DesignLoveFest || Darling Magazine || J.Crew Blog || A Pair and a Spare || Domino Magazine

  1. Dress Your Tech: What’s a simple + free way to freshen up your cell phone or computer? A new wallpaper! (I admit to scouring the internet when I am having a bad day or need a random change in my life for a new wallpaper. #ImACreative) Here are some pretty floral ones you can download for free. Via DesignLoveFest
  2. Food: How to Fall in Love With Your Food. Don’t let a healthier lifestyle diet intimidate you! Via Darling Magazine
  3. Style Hacks: J.Crew gives us some great tips on how to style denim in their third mini episode of Style Hacks. Cutest 2 minutes and 16 seconds of my week. Watch Here! Via J.Crew Blog
  4. Plant Life: Thinking about getting a house plant? Here are 5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Indoor Plants (so they actually live). Via A Pair and a Spare
  5. Home Decor: 9 Ways to Decorate with Shades of Green. It is the color of the year, you know. Via Domino Magazine

Have a great weekend everyone!

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