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My February Favorites


Jackie's favorites things for February and valentines day

Happy February! This happens to be one of my favorite months of the year because (1.) it’s the month of love, (2.) it’s the shortest month of the year and (3.) shopping is a more pleasant experience when you see hearts and the color pink everywhere.

Here are some random things I am currently craving, music I’m listening to,  and some of my favorite products I am using.

Currently craving

The February Edition

Kristen Ess for Target hair line shampoo and conditioner

Kristin Ess Hair Products

I’ve been following celebrity hairstylist @kristin_ess for a couple of years now and was ecstatic when I heard she came out with her own line of hair products for Target! I’ve been trying to get my hands on the coveted dry shampoo spray, but until then, I purchased the shampoo + cleansing conditioner and have fallen in love. My hair is very dry has been acting all sorts of weird when I moved to the very dry climate of LA (I guess it misses the humidity of Miami. *sigh*), so I gave this conditioner a shot and reacted pretty well to it.


Rifle Paper Co Valentines day postcard

Snail Mail

Writing letters and cards is one of my top 10 favorite things to do. I believe in the charm of the handwritten letter and the impact it makes to others, and not to mention receive one. In a digital world where everything is emails, phone calls and instant messaging, when was the last time you wrote or received a letter? This month, my goal is to send out Valentine letters to the people in my life that I truly love.

Valentines day Rifle Paper Co cards, postcards and snail mail.

John Mayer’s New Album

John mayer wave one

Yes, you read that correctly. John Mayer is coming out with a new album, except this time he is releasing it 4 songs at a time, every month. The album is called The Search for Everything and the first of the songs, “Wave One,” is the new EP that I’ve been listing to- SO. GOOD. Just listen. It’s been on repeat while I’ve been writing this blog post, and I’ve linked this Rolling Stone article about it here.


Not-so-Flowery Rose Scents

A complete contradiction, but not really. This is when I wish the internet had a scratch-and-sniff option (ONE DAY!), but until then you will just have to take my word for it. Although I don’t discriminate against floral scents- I believe there is a time and place for them- my personal taste in scents is more musky, peppery and unisex. I’ve been currently obsessed with Aesop’s A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser- this has note of rose oil, cardamom, and black pepper. And I’ve also been on the Le Labo kick (this brand kills me- in the best way), and wearing the Rose 31 scent which has notes of rose, cumin cedarwood, guaiac wood, oud, Bulgarian rose, and vetiver. People stop me every time I wear it to ask me what it is. One of my Bff’s gave me the cream for Christmas and I am forever grateful.



Love-Themed T-shirts


Embroidered Whisper Cotton Split-Neck Tee in Estelle Stripe
Embroidered Whisper Cotton Split-Neck Tee in Estelle Stripe

Must I explain this one? It’s love month, why not wear adorable love-themed saying on your chest? This one from Madewell is my favorite! Muah! (Get it? Kiss!) And it’s on sale under $30!

shop the post

Stay tuned for my Valentine’s day gift guide coming next week!

With Love Always,


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