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5 Packing Tips From Him


Traveling his and hers Arlo Skye Carry ons

Packing tips from a man who travels over 120,000 miles a year? Yes, please! You would think that my fiancé, Luke, has figured out how to pack, considering how much he travels. That’s why I’ve asked him to share 5 packing tips for traveling light and in style with our favorite Arlo Skye carry-on.  This post is for all of us that don’t think we can pack everything in 1 carry-on. (Myself Included.)


Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.


” Stuff your dress shoes with socks to keep their shape “

“I only wear dress shoes while traveling if it’s a must, otherwise, I’m not a fan due to having more comfortable options.  Plus, I’ve had way too many people run their suitcases into me, causing my nice leather dress shoes to be scuffed, which is a pet peeve.  Packing the shoes keeps them safe, however, it’s important to protect the shape of your leather dress shoe, and this is where stuffing them with your socks not only saves valuable space in your carry-on, but also protects the integrity of your shoe!  Sneaky trick – you can roll your ties and put them in the heel after you stuff the toe box with socks.”


Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.


Shoe Bag

“One thing I love about the Arlo Skye suitcases is that they come with shoe bags – have you thought about where your feet have been, let alone your shoes?  Now think about packing that into your suitcase with your clothes…. yuck!  I use the shoe bag for all my shoes when I travel for simple sanitary reasons as well as protecting my nice dress shoes from getting scuffed inside the carry-on.”


Rolling clothes for packing

Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.


Pack Dark Colors

“Depending on the length of the trip, dark solid colors can be useful in helping you cut down on overpacking.  A dark pair of jeans can serve both day time and night time activities, dressing it up and down.  Dark shirts can also hide stains as well as travel better than lighter colors.  Your navy work suit can work for business during the day and then shift to a blazer at night (pair it with your dark jeans).”


Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.



“Where else can you pack your laptop, book, magazine, movies, and music?  If you’re looking for the one tool to invest in that gives you an incredible utility when you’re traveling, this is it.”


Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.
Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.


Layering (and I don’t mean with what you wear!)

“I always pack using my shoes in one side and then my thicker pieces of clothing (such as jeans, pants, sweaters, etc.) on the other side to make an even base, or as close to even as possible.  By packing your thicker materials at the bottom, you can start packing some of your more delicate items (non wrinkle resistant items) towards the top.  Shirts (rolled) are usually next, followed by dress shirts, button ups, suit pants (rolled) and suit jacket.  The items on top are usually folded, that way I can take advantage of the dry cleaner (you can ask for them folded instead of coming on hangers).”


Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.

Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.
Arlo skye carry-on packing tips for men.

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A special thanks to Luke for sharing his packing tips with us! I loved it so much, that I think I’ll marry him next May. – Jackie

And another special thank you to Arlo Skye for our fabulous carry-ons. We are always traveling in style thanks to them!

 With Love Always,

Luke & Jackie

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