The Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


unique valentines day gift ideas

When I tell most people that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday (Christmas doesn’t count…that’s everyone’s favorite), I almost always get the same response- eye rolls. Contrary to popular belief, I believe Valentine’s Day is not suppose to be an expensive day where you have to give the expected flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, jewelry, expensive dinner, ect.- although I’m not opposed to any of these things. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love! And I love Love. Even when I was single, I would celebrate with those that I loved and would be so excited to get together with friends or even my family to have a dinner or do something special to celebrate.

This year, I thought it would be fun to give you gift ideas that aren’t of the most “Valentine’s Day-ish” kind, but that will be thoughtful, and that your love or BFF will chuckle and probably be surprised. If anything, I hope that this makes you think outside the box to make your loved-one feel special and show that you wanted to be creative.

Create a Date

What does you loved one like to do? If he likes to golf, treat him to a day of golf (doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day) and offer to drive the golf cart and be his cheerleader! This can go for any sport or activity. You can also go mini-golfing. That’s always a fun and competitive date! 

Tired of Roses?

Try a cactus, succulent terrarium, OR a pretty vase for future posies! Cacti and succulents are pretty hard to kill and they will definitely last for more than a week, unlike flowers. I linked this hilarious vase that’s a gold cats vase and it’s under $15



Spell It Out

Ever since I bought this marquee Lightbox, I have not stopped using it! I thought it would be adorable to give this to you loved one and always put charming little love messages or encouraging words on it. Also, they would probably use it throughout the year and customize it to whatever they like.



Trinket Dishes

Not into the typical jewelry idea? Try a little dish or box for her jewelry or his watch or keys! My favorite is this little set from West Elm with 3 little hearts in different sizes for under $15. But they might be sold out. #Bummer  I found some other adorable options below.



Write a Book

Not literally! Last year I found these mini books that have witty questions and fill-in-the-blank prompts to personalize what you love about that person. It takes a couple of days to think and fill it out, but it’s worth the time and thought- on rainy days they will have this little book to treasure. I’ve linked two different ones below.



More options

unique valentines day gift idea

Hope you all enjoyed my Valentine’s Day gifting ideas and are inspired to make them your own!

With Love Always,



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