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The “Hipster” Boyfriend (Look 2 of 3)…




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Brandy Melville Tee, Gap Boyfriend Jeans, Steve Madden Loafers (not available, but love these), Forever 21 Hat, MK Watch, David Yurman Arm Party, J.Crew Bracelets.

[dropcap custom_class=”bl”] E [/dropcap]veryone has seen them. And if you call the style out, they will deny it. An artistic, free spirit that’s “too cool for school” to follow the crowd: The “Hipster.” I’m not a fan of stereotypes, but if you have walked into an Urban Outfitters, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I LOVE the trend. After all, this effortless style that looks like it took minutes throw together is perfect for a summer concert, nights out at an Art Walk, or a Sunday afternoon stroll threw your local farmers market.  I also have a thing for animals on clothing. I’m not a huge fan of cats, (Unless it’s T.Swifts…I mean, have you seen Meredith?!), but when I see one on a shirt, I have a strange pull to it.

Ingredients for a “hipster” boyfriend jean look:

Crop Top (Cat not necessary, but strongly recommended.)

– Felt Hat

– Loafers, sneakers or some sort of boots.

Stay tuned for the last part of “Week With My Boyfriend.”

PS: I’m going on a summer adventure today! Stay in touch here to follow along!

Photos by Carolyna Padron

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