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Happy Friday everyone! Here are some articles I read this week. I hope you all enjoy and take 5 minutes of your Friday to get inspired! If you have a question or something you want me to feature, please comment below.

Photo Creds: @nataliemariejewellery | My Own | BrandChannel | Madewell | My Domaine

  1. Put A Ring On It: I’m a bit untraditional when it comes to my “wedding” taste. These 22 engagement rings are anything but boring. Via Refinery 29
  2. Flower Goals: My favorite florist, Helen from Ever After Helen, opened a flower shop for special occasions in addition to special events, and it is nothing short of magical. She made me a fabulous arrangement for my birthday (pictured above) and a matching flower crown. Check out her online shop here.
  3. Chanel Resort 2016/2017 Runway Show in CUBA : I didn’t misspell. CUBA! Being of Cuban decent AND from Miami myself, I don’t really know how I feel. Although it may seem like the hip new spot for inspiration, Cuba is quite the topic of controversy nowadays. How do you all feel about this? (If you are Cuban or from Miami, you will understand where I’m coming from.)  See the show for yourself here. As for the collection, I love the pieces! Via Chanel  
  4. Travel: “3 Rules to Pack By: Weekend Getaway Edition” Via Madewell
  5. Home: Who doesn’t love a good before and after? Watch how they transformed this dark, dull space into a beach, boho dream home. Via My Domaine

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