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Jackie Roque shoe shot, coffee at Alfreds, Paris fashion week 2017

5 Things to Read on a Monday

Happy Monday! Here are some of the articles I read this weekend. Take 5 and enjoy!

Images: All my own except for the far left via New York Times

  1. Productivity: I make lists- for everything. I am happy to learn that this is a good thing. This article tells you why you should. Via Darling Magazine
  2. How To: take the perfect shoe shot! We all do it…or at least attempt to. Madewell gives us 5 tips that will make sure to make that picture “gram” worthy- and a chance to win a $2000 shopping spree! Via Madewell
  3. Small Talk: I particularly hate it. This article gives you one trick to upgrade your small talk game forever. { Psst…the holiday parties are coming! } Via My Domaine
  4. Monday Fuel (Coffee): Where to find the most exotic coffee in the world. And the answer is not AT ALL what you would expect. Hint: You will most likely not have to go very far for it. Via Conde Nast Traveler
  5. Paris Fashion Week: in 60 seconds. Ready. Set. Go! Via The New York Times

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