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5 articles to read this weekend from Front and Main, Architectural Digest, Domino Magazine, Refinery 29, and The NY Times

5 Things to Read This Weekend

It’s been a really crazy week trying to move into my new place in LA, but I found 5 articles that I think you all will enjoy reading this weekend. Take 5 and enjoy!

Pictures Via: Domino Magazine | Front and Main |The New York Times Architectural Digest | Refinery 29 |

  1. Home Decor : “20 Reasons to Be Entirely Obsessed with Pink Bathrooms” – as if we needed another reason. Via Domino Magazine
  2. Travel : “The World’s Most Colorful Travel Destinations.” A bubblegum pink lake and a blue city?! Sign me up! Airplane ticket for 2 please. Via Architectural Digest
  3. Art : “Doors Around The World.” Pictures of doors on Instagram are some of my favorite posts to look at. (Don’t judge me!) Take a look at some of these “doortraits” from all around the world. #IHaveThisThingWithDoors. Via The New York Times 
  4. Hair : “Your Biggest Summer Hair Problems, Solved.” Finally! Did you sit on your Swan Float too long in the pool? Yeah, me too. Read this.  Via Refinery 29
  5. Food: “Macaron. Ice. Cream Sandwiches.” – Enough said. Recipe Here. Via Front and Main

Have a great weekend!

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