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Smitten Saturdays


Smitten Saturdays 1

These are a few of the things I am smitten by lately:

1. Anthropologie Capri Hibiscus Teakwood Candle : Love the mix of florals with woodsy and spicy scents. Smells like spring!

2. Starbucks’ Cotton Candy Frap : NO, you are not hallucinating! I am kind of obsessed with Starbucks and cotton candy (it’s my fave snack), so when my dear friend and photographer, Caro,  told me about this drink on the secret menu, my jaw dropped.

3. Confetti system : I have been fawning over this garland for months. And I have a wall in my room that’s just screaming for it (I mean, it will be like a celebration in my room every day). One day!

4. The Great Gatsby : Oh Mr. Gatsby! So I was waiting all spring for this movie to come out. When I went to go see it in 3D, I fell in complete LOVE. I am currently reading the book, and of course, I had to have the incredible soundtrack! As if the movie can’t get any more perfect, Tiffany and Co. collaborated with the production, and designed magnificent pieces to go along with Daisy Buchanan’s posh style (This is one of the headpieces they created).   Let’s just say it is all entirely swell. 

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 case: Isn’t this case just the cutest thing you have ever seen?! I added her to my collection this week. I’m not too fond of cats, but she is just adorbs. Her name is Rue.

6. Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires Of the City Album: Kind of obsessed with their new album. It’s been on repeat lately. I love them and their unique sound.

7. Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 7 : This issue has a column about these ice-cream flower arrangements that look so beautiful you just want to take a bite! They are brilliant. Makes me want to eat flowers!

8. Peonies : So I know this is probably old news to you but it’s Peony season (and it’s almost over!) They are only my favorite flowers in the whole world! So grab some peonies (or as my friend Victor likes to call them “Poofy Flowers,”) while you still can! I know I will!

9. Le Pens : My name is Jackie, and I have a strange obsession with office supplies. These are currently my favorite pens. They are le awesome.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 4.46.56 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 4.47.40 PM

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