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Jackie's guide to NYC for a weekend.

As I’m sure you all saw, I was in NYC a couple of weeks of go for work and of course, play! I thought it would be fun to share a little travel diary of my trip. I actually lived in NYC for a bit one Summer for an intensive study program in Parson’s School of Design for Fashion. That being said, I’ve done so many things in NYC and know it pretty well, but every time I visit there is always something new to do that I’ve never done before. So this little diary is purely new things I got to do on this trip only. We were there for only 4 days- even if I go for a week it’s always too short and I can never see or do everything I wanted to.

street style in Nyc

Where I Ate

Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market : One of the BEST authentic tacos I have ever had! The line is always pretty long, but it’s totally worth the wait.

The Grand Salon at The Bacarat Hotel : This place is pure magic. We went here for dinner after a night out on Broadway watching Hamilton. Put the delicious food aside, the decor itself is exquisite. There is a wall that is pure Baccarat crystals that goes from the first floor to the third, crystal chandeliers, lavish fur-covered chairs, marble table tops and huge balls of fresh red roses. ( I touched them to make sure the flowers were real, it’s unbelievable! How many roses arena each arrangement? 500) The best item on the menu according to all the waiters and our friends that have been there? I’m thinking it’s a prime filet or a type of fish – nope! It’s the burger. I ordered it in disbelief. Let me tell you, that burger is possibly the most delicious, juicy, unique-tasting burger I have ever had, and it came with fresh, warm potato puffs. Although everything was delicious, the cocktails were probably my favorite part of the experience. Each drink came in their own Baccarat crystal glass, and each cocktail on the menu was eccentric and unlike any other menu I’ve seen. I ordered one from their champagne list and it was served in a crystal flute and was topped with a flower.

Red Roses at The Baccarat
Baccarat Champagne

EatalyOh man, if you like Italian food you are in for a real treat. Think of a huge space filled with authentic Italian stations of food, produce, goods, desserts, cheeses, meats and wines…that is exactly what Eataly is. You can eat a sit-down dinner at any one of their mini restaurants within the market (they have pizza, pasta and charcuterie restaurants), or you can bob around and have a little of everything. Their gelato is probably the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve been to Italy).

Ai Fiori at Langham Place : This place is the first Michelin Star restaurant I’ve ever eaten at and it did not disappoint. The food is Mediterranean Cuisine that celebrates the Italian and French Riviera.

Coffee Shops


Toby’s Estate Coffee

Toby's coffee nyc

Tobys estate

Cafe Grumpy

cafe grumpy nyc

Stumptown Coffee Roasters in The Ace Hotel

Jackie Roque styling a J.Crew cocoon coat in NYC

Stump town coffee shop in the Ace Hotel NYC

Things To Do

Watch a Broadway Show: We saw Hamilton and it was breathtaking! Everything from the music to the storyline was incredible. I am a total musical and broadway aficionado so watching a show is always on my list when I’m in NYC. 

Walk the Highline: Old train tracks turned into a lush public park- complete with greenery, flowers,  not turned into a modern concrete jungle complete with greenery. 

Grand Central StationI can’t believe that I lived in NYC and never ever visited Grad Central Station! The architecture and rush of energy in there is pretty fascinating. 

Grand Central Station in NYC

Chelsea MarketI’ve probably been to Chelsea Market a handful of times, but every time I find a new hidden treasure or boutique that I hadn’t discovered before. I love this place!

Jackie wearing a Toyshop sweater in NYC

International Womans day in NYC

Flowers at the Ace Hotel NYC

Jackie styling a periwinkle Zara coat in NYC

The Ace Hotel NYC

Jackie Roque in NYC J Brand


Hope you all enjoyed my travel diary!

With Love Always,


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