March Mood Board


jackie roque's march mood board

Happy March! I can’t believe February flew by so fast. I like to start off each month by creating a little mood board of things that have been inspiring me lately to kick off the season. Here are some March favorites, things I’m looking forward to, and what I’m currently craving.

currently craving

The March Edition

Jackie Roque styling Deborah Lippmann Cae by The Ocean Spring nail polish

Pastel Nails

It’s that awkward time where we are letting go of Winter and saying HELLO to Spring- which means bidding farewell to dark colors and hi to soft pinks, pastel blues and blushing neutrals. This one by Deborah Lippmann is my new favorite shade of pink called Cake By The Ocean. 



First day of spring bouquet of flowers


This one is self explanatory. I found this little bouquet at Trader Joes and it’s now sitting in my kitchen. Flowers really do brighten up any room. In the words of Claude Monet, “I must have flowers, always, and always.”


march birthday balloons
Image Via They All Hate Us

Birthday Fun

March is also my birthday month, so it’s a month of celebration! (Yes- a whole month of fun! I’m one of those people.) I found this fun DIY for a tropical Miami celebration or inspiration for a dinner over at Studio DIY. (Picture Below)  Fun Fact: I was born on the first day of Spring. If that doesn’t explain my love for flowers, I don’t know what will.

Studio diy tropical party



Jackie's Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree indoor plant with West Elm pink planter and Target gold watering can.


No, I don’t mean on St. Patricks day. I have become obsessed with decorating with plants and greenery. I was on the hunt for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up finding an affordable one, but it was a bit small when I got it. It’s only been 3 weeks and its already grown! Since then, I’ve added 3 more plants to my home decor and absolutely love the feeling of having lush greenery all around. They add so much life to your space and are scientifically proven to improve the air quality.


Monthly Mantras

See the world though rose colored glasses.

Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Be still.

Celebrate little victories.

Incorporate a little green in your life. (a la St. Patrick’s Day)


Have a great weekend everyone!

With Love Always,



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