My name is Jackie Roque.

“Welcome to Dash of Panache Blog! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am the enthusiast and creative director behind the blog. Here you will find little bits and pieces of my favorite things in life- from fashion and interior design to travel and lifestyle. My hope is to have this be a space for people to gain inspiration to create something beautiful of their own- all centered around positivity and love with a little dash of panache.”


Dash of Panache Blog is a fashion + lifestyle blog based in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.  Jackie Roque founded Dash of Panache Blog in June 2013 as a creative outlet to express her inspirations, personal style and love for all things beautiful.

so WHat’s Panache?

The word “Panache” is a noun that means confidence, style, flair or pizzazz, which Jackie feels everyone should have a dash of in their lives.


About Jackie

She’s Cuban-American born and raised in Miami  ∴ Every week she buys herself flowers- peonies are her favorite  ∴ She likes the idea of teacups but iced tea is her drink of choice ∴ Not a morning person- but wishes she was ∴ She’s bilingual ∴ If she gets her hair blow-dried, she will almost always hate it and wash it as soon as she gets home to have it dry naturally ∴ She has too many favorite colors ∴ Office supplies make her giddy ∴ Walt Disney World is her favorite place ∴ Taylor Swift gave her a hug ∴ She lives in ripped jeans ∴  She is very musical- plays the piano and used to sing ∴ She can’t roll her R’s ∴ Her faith is the most important thing in her life ∴ She loves the smell of freshly sharpened pencils ∴